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Stockpile & Volumetrics
Drone Services


Get Stockpile Reports and Inventory Measurements Using Drone and UAV Technology

Stockpile evaluations and volumetrics are the number one case of use when using drones at an industrial or construction site. Ideally, raw materials or warehouse stockpile would provide an ideal cube or conical structure and an effective volume to measure by drone imagery. Most stockpiles are an irregular shape even in good cases, making drones a perfect volumetric resource and better use of your budget than manual methods.

Trust our stockpile and volumetrics drone pilots to capture comprehensive drone data and imagery for your next major development and construction project and you’ll get the best quality for your budget.

Stockpile and Volumetrics
Drone Services


Advanced Volumetric Analysis From The Air

Get superior quality site inspections and development imagery and assessments for your project at the best rate in the area. We aim to please!

Get Precise Measurements Of Stock Assets

Our stockpile and volumetrics drone data is sharp and top quality in every way. Trust experts to get it done right!

Stockpile Reports and Photogrammetry

Our site development and building inspections drone data isn't one dimensional. We do flyovers that capture dynamic and difficult perspectives!

Use Drones To Measure Stockpiles and Volumetrics

What makes inspecting stockpiles with a drone special is that it can record and dynamically adjust all these anomalies in your sample, enabling the drone to process the true shape length, not a rough estimate. This precision begins with quality drone imagery. Our pilots are highly experienced in this method of drone stockpile and volumetric imagery which means they can show much more clarity than rover shooting points. Terrain3D drone volumetrics allows you to see the individual points ‘ physical details and more once the data is processed by our technician.

With our efficient and budget conscious aerial stockpile and volumetrics data, we put our customers in a comfortable position to show the state of construction assets. We’ve even worked for a range of industries and mapped a huge variety of properties. Give our stock volumetrics a try now!

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Describe Your Stockpile and Volumetrics Needs. Quality stockpile and volumetrics drone services of your commercial, industrial, or land clearing objections that matter. Our expert pilots fly top-quality drones and capture development visuals from almost every perspective.

Book A Stockpile and Volumetrics Drone Session. When your project specifics and objectives are verified, we will send a pilot to your target location for your stockpile and volumetrics data collection flight, wherever you need us.

Receive Your Stockpile and Volumetrics Imagery and Video. Within 24-48 hours of shooting, we will export your images from the drone, process the aerial data and make them available for download in highest quality formats.

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Terrain3D is a drone company from London ON. We provide drone imagery, topography, mapping and uav logistics.