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Private & Promotional Content
Drone Services


Commercial, Promotional and Private Drone Imagery

The possibilities are truly endless when you choose to use a drone for your private and promotional media content. In the past, aerial imagery and cinematography relied on expensive equipment and even helicopter rentals to get the best shots and perspectives. Not anymore! Drone videography and aerial imagery for promotional content is efficient, high-quality and truly engaging for any audience. And Terrain3D is the best in the region!

Trust our pilots to capture stunning aerial video and imagery for your next marketing project or private use and you’ll get the absolute best bang for your buck.

Private & Promotional Media
Drone Services


Leverage Affordable Drone Technology

Get superior quality private and promotional video and drone imagery for your project at the best rate in the region. We aim to please!

Discover Advantages Of Aerial Photography

Our private and promotional drone media is sharp and top quality in every way. Trust experts to get it done right!

Use A Drone Pilot To Capture Stunning Visuals

Our promotional and private imagery isn't one dimensional. We do flyovers that capture dynamic and difficult perspectives!

Affordable UAV Promotional Imagery and Marketing Projects

Simply describe your private promotional project and our drone pilots can get you a quote and start right away. That’s where drones are coming in. Unmanned aerial controlled and equipped with a suite of high-res cameras, our pilots can fly discreetly to take aerial photos, get close to the action with visitors, or capture exclusive portraits with their incredible aerial range and speed.

We’ve even worked for wedding and event planners who want discrete and non-intrusive visuals of special events. The only thing limiting you is your imagination as an expert pilot can fly in any space, any area and with any perspective to capture the best shot. Give it a try today!


Describe Your Private and Promotional Drone Needs. Quality private and promotional drone services of landmarks, houses, properties, weddings or special events that matter. Our expert pilots fly top-quality drones and capture promotional and cinematic visuals from almost every perspective.

Book A Promotional or Private Drone Session. When your project specifics and objectives are verified, we will send a pilot to your target location for your private and promotional media flight, wherever you need us.

Receive Your Private or Promotional Images or Video. Within 24-48 hours of shooting, we will export your images from the drone, process the aerial data and make them available for download in highest quality formats.

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Terrain3D is a drone company from London ON. We provide drone imagery, topography, mapping and uav logistics.