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Logistics &
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Drone Services


Commercial Infrastructure Drone Inspections & Logistics Flights

Typically, full inspection of large or even complicated systems has been a costly practise needing work on massive ladders, technical cranes, and even helicopters. With Terrain3D you can get high-res, impressively sharp pictures and live streaming inspection footage of your property in a cost-effective manner using our drone pilot inspectors. Be confident of the outcome and progress of your construction or existing structures using live video inspections and stunning aerial imagery. 

Terrain3D drones are able to enter areas that in any other case would  be too hazardous for manual inspection such as close-up on condemned buildings or high rise antennas. You can also get up close to pipeline production sites or into ground infrastructure and tunnels. Our expert pilots guarantee the best visuals for your inspection. Terrain3D drones are used to functioning in close proximity to work sites without interference due to their experience and efficiency.

Logistics & Live Inspection
Drone Services


Recon Aerial For Logistics & Planning

Get superior quality live inspections and logistics assessment drone data for your project at the best rate in the region. We aim to please!

Advanced Confined & Landscape Visual Inspections

Our logistics and inspection drone data is sharp and top quality in every way. Trust experts to get it done right!

Advanced Unmanned Aerial Perspectives

Our logistics and live inspections data isn't one dimensional. We do flyovers that capture dynamic and difficult perspectives!

Affordable Unmanned Aerial Mapping and Logistics Inspections

Your foreman can even guide our expert pilots to capture precisely what you require for maintenance. It is also possible to capture images from infrared cameras or data from other sensors: for eg, to take close inspections, oblique and all around images, advanced mapping as well as climate readings.

Our expert pilot has years of experience on oil and energy sites as a surveyor and photogrammetry expert. Furthermore, the compact scale and durability of our drones allows interior inspections of locations such as large industrial parks or enclosed locations such as subterranean oil, cable or power assets to be carried out.


Describe Your Logistics and Live Inspection Needs. Quality construction and industrial drone services of landmarks, locations or stockpiles that matter. Our expert pilots fly top-quality drones and capture construction images from almost every perspective.

Book A Logistics Or Live Inspection Session. When your project specifics and objectives are verified, we will send a pilot to your target location for your live inspection or logistics flight, wherever you need us.

Receive Your Logistics Live Inspection Images or Map. Within 24-48 hours of shooting, we will export your images from the drone, process the aerial data and make them available for download in highest quality formats.

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Terrain3D is a drone company from London ON. We provide drone imagery, topography, mapping and uav logistics.