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Land Development & Site Inspections
Drone Services


Premium Land and Development Site Inspection Packages

Terrain3D is an Ontario drone service company that specializes in aerial applications for land development. To show the development state, we must inspect roads and buildings plus added infrastructure safely. Efficiency on-site encourages us to use quality drone photography and video to observe your ongoing site development to show management waiting to see the state of the project.

Trust our site inspection and building inspection pilots to capture comprehensive drone video and imagery for your next major development and land structuring project and you’ll get the absolute best quality for your budget.

Site Development & Building Inspection
Drone Services


Get Unmanned Aerial Inspections That Actually Help!

Our site development and building inspections drone data is sharp and top quality in every way. Trust experts to get it done right!

Expert Aerial Vehicle Site Inspections

Get superior quality site inspections and development imagery and assessments for your project at the best rate in the area. We aim to please!

Affordable Aerial Photography For Planning

Our site development and building inspections drone data isn't one dimensional. We do flyovers that capture dynamic and difficult perspectives!

Aerial Vehicle Land Development Perspectives That Fit Your Budget

Our reliable, budget-effective and time-saving drone site inspection method we can give your team a comprehensive view of all aspects of the infrastructure development process and improve decision making. The advanced drone site development monitoring process also enables you to gather information on-site more efficiently and without closing down a job site for photography.

With our fast and cost-effective aerial operations, we put our customers in a comfortable position to show the state of land development. We’ve even worked for a range of industries and mapped a huge variety of properties. Give our site development and building now!


Describe Your Site Development and Building Inspection Needs. Quality site development and building inspection drone services of your commercial, industrial, or land clearing objections that matter. Our expert pilots fly top-quality drones and capture development visuals from almost every perspective.

Book A Site Development or Building Inspection Drone Session. When your project specifics and objectives are verified, we will send a pilot to your target location for your site development and building inspections data collection flight, wherever you need us.

Receive Your Site Development and Building Inspection Imagery and Video. Within 24-48 hours of shooting, we will export your images from the drone, process the aerial data and make them available for download in highest quality formats.

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Terrain3D is a drone company from London ON. We provide drone imagery, topography, mapping and uav logistics.