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Aerial Imagery


Aerial Imagery Services for London and SW Ontario

Get high-quality razor sharp images of places, people or activities in the professional formats for a great price. Our photographer takes pictures of your subject from almost every corner and flies only top quality drones.

Use beautiful HD images to advertise your assets, products or services. Offer your consumers a truly engaging true to life aerial imagery experience with Terrain3D!

Aerial Imaging Capabilities


Beautiful Breathtaking Images

Our images are breathtaking, beautiful and top quality in every way. Trust professionals to get the right shot!

High Resolution Aerials

Get super hi-res aerial images for your project at the absolute best rate. We aim to please!

Overhead & Oblique Imagery

Our images aren't static single position shots. We do flyovers that capture oblique and overhead images for perspective!

Beautiful and High Resolution Aerials

We deliver regional aerial imagery services and provide your company with a consistent and reliable imaging approach. Our capabilities are sufficient to allow fast turnaround rates and reduce travel charges and expenses otherwise handled by customers in the quote. The experienced aerial operators in our network are proven and ready to pursue whatever project you are sending us.

Our aerial imagery services are versatile to adapt to any project and provide an easy solution for achieving quality results. Contact us today and make a convincing aerial perspective of your region, facility or property as soon as possible!


Describe Your Aerial Imaging Needs. Quality aerial imagery of landmarks, locations or events is still in high demand. Our aerial imaging experts fly top-quality drones and capture pictures from almost every perspective.

Book An Aerial Imaging Session. When your project specifics and objectives are verified, we will send a pilot to your jobsite or subject location, wherever you need us.

Receive Your Aerial Imagery. Within 24-48 hours of shooting, we will export your photos and videos from the drone, process the aerial images and make them available for download in highest quality formats.

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Terrain3D is a drone company from London ON. We provide drone imagery, topography, mapping and uav logistics.