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Drone Services Terrain3D

Drone Services for London Ontario and Southwestern Ontario

Terrain3D is Transport Canada authorized and compliant and  in full alignment with national and local government regulations. Safety is extremely important to us when we’re on location — it keeps us focused and efficient!

We are dedicated to secure and accountable use of drone technology in London and the Southwestern Ontario region. In order to ensure our customers can safeguard their facilities, staff and corporate assets, Terrain3D is fully insured with aviation and business insurance to guarantee our interactions are seamless and responsible. As a professional pilots and supporters of the drone and UAV industry, we take our responsibilities very seriously and hope to serve as ambassadors when we’re on location, in the air and on the ground.

Drone and UAV Experts

Trusted Full Service Drone & UAV Imaging

If you ask most companies about their main imaging and surveying requirements, the majority of businesses list end-to-end suppliers of drone services. We see that clients are more and more eager for all-in-one drone inspection and imaging providers that meet their regulatory and mapping requirements. As these businesses proceed to perfect their supply chain logistics, the drone sector can clearly complement these ambitions. Terrain3D is Southwestern Ontario’s first and best choice for full service drone imagery and video.

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Our Drone & UAV Work

Premium Drone Videos & Surveillance

Our UAV and Drone Portfolio

High Quality UAV Aerial Images & Panograms

Drone & UAV Services in London and Surrounding Areas

Whether you are a huge company with major infrastructure and resources or a local realtor looking for aerial property images, Terrain3D has the equipment, skills and flexibility to accomplish your goals. Order aerial images or drone videos effortless from our homepage or simply give us a call!

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Aerial Images

Capturing pictures and panograms by remotely operated UAS, UAV and drone technology.

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Aerial Video

Creating unmatched high definition, stable and seamless aerial video of your property assets.

How Our Drone Company

Book our expert local Drone & UAV services

Get in touch! Let us know where you want an aerial image, video, topography or info collection, and we’ll follow up with our work requirements. Terrain3D has completed thousands of drone flights in London and area.

An expert pilot schedules & executes the mission

An expert operator from Terrain3D visits your site and flies everything. Every pilot we dispatch is approved, insured, and validated by Transport Canada and regional licenses. Our flight experience allows us to be safe and efficient!

Make decisions from the sky

In only a couple of days, your aerial videos, pictographs and maps info will be prepared and safely held on our website, free of charge. You will be given client access to view and download your data.

  • Measure

  • Inspect

  • Reveal

  • Capture

Imagery & Video Services

Our UAV Focus Industries

The use of air space was extremely restricted before the recent innovations of drone technology It was only the realm of those who could manage their own aircrafts which was, frankly, only for major companies and governments. Now, you can affordably utilize drone and uav surveillance to enhance your business and improve your processes.

We realize that industry in Ontario never sleeps which is why we take the time to understand your requirements for surveying and topography and execute them exactly to the letter. Also, we realize that drone licensing and regulations are becoming more of a burden and expense for companies to maintain in-house. As more companies move away from internal photography departments they depend more on expert drone surveyors and photographers. That’s precisely where Terrain3D can help! When we engage with your business, we merge our professionalism as well as our piloting and navigation expertise to complement your current inspection workflows. This will help you save money and time while also preserving the security you maintain on location.

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Real Estate & Commercial

Our expert pilots can inspect, record & capture your private or commercial properties at an excellent operator rate!

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Industrial & Construction Sites

Trust Terrain3D to give full aerial views of your industrial and construction sites at a competitive rate with enhanced collaboration.

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Live Inspections & Logistics

Get live inspections & logistical mapping capabilities from a trusted and fully insured London Ontario drone company. 

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Private & Promotional Content

Take advantage of our low rates and get footage that no one else has! Promotional drone footage gives you an edge on competitors.

Imagery & Video Services

Our Drone Inspection Capabilities

Everything in our society today has been altered by drone and uav tech. Anybody on the planet has the potential to navigate the skies for any reason ranging from leisure, commerce and curiousity. Terrain3D exists to offer this option affordably, efficiently and safely for the people of London Ontario and surrounding areas.

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Site Development & Inspections

Trust Terrain3D to give full aerial views of your industrial and construction sites at an efficient & competitive rate.

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Stockpile Volumetrics & Tracking

Take advantage of our low rates and get footage that no one else has! Promotional drone footage gives you an edge on competitors.

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Topographics & Aerial Maps

Get live inspections & logistical mapping capabilities from a trust ed and fully insured London Ontario drone company. 

Construction & Industry
Infastructure & Planning
Future Energy & Renewables

About Tyler Nelson

Expert Drone/UAV Pilot

Tyler Nelson is a London native who is a self-taught aviation expert and licensed drone pilot for over three years. He has a degree in Environmental Technology and on the ground experience working in the Oil, Tunneling, Legal and Layout Surveying industry. This lead him to research faster and safer ways to create topographic maps and ultimately advanced aerial photogrammetry with GPS-assisted drones. He also taught one year of Fanshawe College’s pioneering introductory drone assembly and piloting program.

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Terrain3D is a drone company from London Ontario. We offer drone imaging, inspections, mapping and volumetrics.


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